Who Invented The Light Bulb: The Race to Light Up The World!

Who Invented The Light bulb | Among the famous figures who invented electric light bulb technology is Thomas Alva Edison. Thomas Alva Edison not only had technological inventions in the field of light and electricity, but also very many other fields that he developed in the field of electrical technology.

The electric light bulb was a spectacular invention when first introduced. This technology then became the starting point for efforts to give birth to thousands of other inventions to this day that utilize the existence of electrical energy.

The birth of the invention of electric energy light bulb technology changed the face of the world, especially at night, from what was originally dark with only the help of fire lighting, to very bright with the help of electric lights.

The change in conditions from dark to light at night then adds to the ease of human activities at night to do various things. The main thing with this finding is that humans no longer feel dark at night in the house.*  

Who Invented the Light Bulb and its Influence to This Day!
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Who Invented The Light bulb First

Actually, this electric bulb-shaped technology is not an invention of Thomas Alva Edison. Because, before the birth of Thomas Alva Edison’s findings there were also a number of other scientists who researched and tried to find this technology.

We can say that Thomas Alva Edison is only a figure who managed to perfect the pioneers of previous inventors in order to try to give birth to this electric light bulb technology.

After finding its perfect form, Thomas Alva Edison then legally patented the rights to his invention in 1879 and then sold it. A similar story also happened when the Battery was first introduced by Alessandro Volta earlier in 1800.

Alessandro Volta focused on developing until finally finding a way to produce electrical energy from a pile of disks made mainly of zinc and copper or known as the voltaic pile. In the mixture of ingredients there is also an additional carbon mixed with salt water.

As a result of the combination of these materials, an electric current is born in an amount that is not so large but can be used to meet the needs of electricity in human life when there is no electricity. When the copper cable attaches to the end of the pile of materials, the copper cable then produces light.

The discovery of Alessandro Volta then made Humphry Davy want to continue and perfect it.The effort gave birth to an arc lamp with a very bright light and very glare when seen.

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This finding then did not develop because of these weaknesses which were added to the very fast running out of electrical energy from the battery used.

Next, a scientist from England named Warren de ala Rue was interested and then developed this research. He tried to innovate by using platinum instead of copper. This development was then also hampered due to the high price of platinum today.

It was the series of inventions mentioned above that later made Thomas Alva Edison try to develop his invention in the field of electricity in the form of a light bulb.*

Who Invented The Lightbulb
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Types of light bulbs for home

1. Incandescent Type Light Bulb

This type of light bulb is the oldest type and at the same time the initial product of an electric light bulb. Although we still find many uses, it is already very lagging behind if we look at it in terms of the technology it uses.

2. Glow Type Lamp

Fluorescent light is the next generation type of incandescent light bulb. This type is very superior in the level of electrical energy use, but with light that is even brighter than incandescent type light bulbs.

3. LED

Light Emitting Diode or LED type lamp is a kind of lamp made from the main diode sharper level. LED is a latest lamp type for home, including on motorcycle and car headlights.

4. Fluorescent Lamp

Fluorescent Lamp relies on argon or neon gas on an elongated glass tube. This lamp is the oldest type of lamp born after the existence of incandescent lamps. Currently, this type of lamp is very rare we find, because it has been replaced by LED.

5. Fluorescent

This lamp is an innovation of incandescent lamps. This lamp is a smaller fluorescent lamp with a size similar to an incandescent lamp. This type is very small with a brighter light.

6. HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamp

This lamp is famous for its very bright light so it is suitable to be in areas that really need more lighting.

7. Halogen Lamp

This lamp at first glance is the same as an incandescent lamp, because halogen lamps use tungsten filaments as well and halogen gas in glass pipes.

8. Sodium Vapor Type Lamp

Sodium vapor lamps are very widely used in street lighting businesses and also in certain heavy equipment.*

How To Save Electricity At Home

How to save electricity consumption at home is very much sought after by people. The following is how you can use it, namely:  

  1. Use LED Lights; LED lights are resistant for long periods of use and are very energy efficient.
  2. Make sure you turn off electronic devices; When you are not using an electronic device, turn it off and unplug the cable from the connection to the mains.
  3. Reduce the Use of Electronic Devices; If you don’t really need certain electronic devices, avoid using them. Especially if the electronic device is very large in electricity consumption.
  4. Ventilation Renovation; Ventilation Renovation to be translucent to sunlight, poor light ventilation arrangement will make a room in the house dark and very dependent on electric lights. Make sure that all spaces and corners of your home can be reached by sunlight properly.
  5. Use Electricity-Saving Electronic Devices; When you buy electronic devices for home use, make sure that the tool saves electricity. You need to compare the level of electricity consumption between one brand and another.
  6. Use Timer; A timer serves as an automatic tool that will limit the working hours of electrical devices in your home. If there is an electronic device that is always on indefinitely, you can use the help of a timer to turn it off automatically.
  7. Controlling the Use of Fans and Air Conditioners; Fans and air conditioners are two home electronics that use a lot of electricity and often forget to turn it off. You need to control the use of both so that the use of electricity is more efficient in your home.*

how to prevent electrical hazards at home

We cannot deny that although there are many benefits, electricity also has a series of risks that we also cannot underestimate. Here is how to prevent the occurrence of hazards due to electricity at home, namely:

  1. Use the Right Installation; You need to make sure that the person who does the electrical installation of your home is a professional and official. This is so that you can ensure that the installation of all forms of electrical cable connections in your home is safe from all dangers.
  2. Use only a small cable; If you have sockets for you to use, make sure that they are only used according to their capacity. Avoid sharing electrical sockets in household appliances with large electricity consumption.
  3. Use quality cables; You need to pay attention that all the wires in your house are fine. Immediately replace if you find the cable damaged or broken because it is old.
  4. Avoid cables from high-risk places; For example, you put socket cable connections in the bathroom, near the water faucet, on wet-prone floors, and others. Also avoid all electrical wiring in your home out of reach of children.
  5. Use High Quality Electronic Devices; All high-quality electrical equipment must be very concerned about the level of security of its users from various risks that can occur at any time. Make sure that all your home electronics comply with consumer safety guarantees.
  6. Replace broken Sockets; Faulty electrical sockets are the most prone places to trigger various electrical hazards. This is because the socket is the place you have the most access along with other members of your family. Replace your socket immediately if it looks damaged or problematic.

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