7 New Technology To Make Electricity

New Technology To Make Electricity
New Technology To Make Electricity by maxmanroe.com

New Technology To Make Electricity | Electrical energy is a form of energy composed of pasticles with electric charges such as electrons and moves to form a flow in a cable or conductor. Electrical energy is the most widely used form of energy in the world in various human needs.

Electrical energy can be produced from various renewable sources such as solar, water, wind, and others which are alternative forms of petroleum use.

New Ways To Generate Electricity

At present, the world of electricity focuses on generating electrical energy from various alternative and renewable energy sources. This makes efforts to develop the latest electricity sources continue to be pursued by looking at various opportunities for renewable energy sources.

Here are some of the latest sources of electrical energy that have been widely used and continue to be developed, namely:

1. Solar Energy

Electricity with a solar energy source or better known as solar electricity is a source of electrical energy whose main source of power comes from converting solar heat into a form of electrical energy. In addition to its unlimited existence, solar energy electricity is very environmentally friendly and does not bring pollution at all.

There are several things that are the advantages of using solar energy, including:

1) Friendly to the environment

Electricity derived from solar energy is very environmentally friendly because it is produced without the process of burning fuel as in diesel engines with fuel oil. This makes solar power one of the best electric power alternatives.

2) Highly Energy Efficient

If the use of other sources of electrical energy requires a processing process that also consumes a lot of energy and capital resources, it is not the case with the use of solar energy as electrical energy. Solar electrical energy can be very energy efficient production and also cheaper if we look at it in terms of cost.

3) Stable Production Price

The cost of producing and using other sources of electricity such as petroleum is highly dependent on world oil prices. That is why sometimes there is a significant increase in the basic tariff of electricity prices in various countries. This will never happen to solar electricity production tariffs.

4) Very Easy Installation

The use of solar power generation tools is very easy and does not require many tools. This electrical tool is only in the form of a thermal energy absorbing panel whose shape is not so large and can be placed anywhere.

5) Cost Effective

If a solar panel has been installed in a place, then you can say that the place uses free electricity from nature without a monthly subscription fee.

6) Very Suitable for Remote places

Easy installation in remote places that are very far from the reach of power plants is one of the advantages and reasons for the large use of solar electricity among the community. Solar electricity is an alternative for those who live in areas far from the reach of these electricity levers.*

2. Electricity From Wind Energy

Wind power is a form of electricity produced with natural energy that is very environmentally friendly. Electricity from wind power also does not require fuel as in diesel engine electricity.

Energy from wind is generally generated by using large propellers that are installed very much to drive electricity-producing generator engines. Like solar energy, wind electricity is also very efficient and cheap in its production.  

Here are some points of excellence of wind power technology:

1) Very environmentally friendly;

2) 0% gas emission;

3) Cheap maintenance and operation;

4) Can take advantage of large vacant land;

5) Operates forever, especially as long as there is wind power driving the mill.  

3. Water Energy Electricity

Hydroelectric power is a type of electricity whose power is the result of the use of water movement power which is usually attached to a river or adequate water flow. Hydroelectric power produces electrical energy by utilizing a waterwheel to drive its electric generators instead of oil-powered diesel engines.

Among the advantages of hydroelectric power are the following:

1) Very safe and environmentally friendly;

2) 0% hazardous waste for the environment;

3) Generate electricity as long as there is hydropower that drives the wheel.

4) Very low operational costs;

5) Reduce the use of fossil energy that is proven to produce hazardous waste for the environment;

4. Electricity from Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is electrical energy that is the result of processing geothermal energy into electrical energy. Geothermal is very widely used in areas that have sufficient geothermal potential for the minimum needs of a geothermal power plant.

5. Electricity from Nuclear Energy

This source of electrical energy is one form of electrical energy source that is quite dangerous for the environment and also humans around it. Even so, the development of research in order to create nuclear energy electricity that is safe and minimal risk continues to be carried out by experts until now.

6. Wave Power and Tidal Energy

This type of electricity source works by utilizing marine energy whose availability is very large, namely wave power and tidal water flow. Although it has not been widely used, the huge potential of ocean energy is the concern of experts today.

7. Electricity from Biomass Energy

This type of electricity is the result of the use of various organic wastes that are very widely spread in the environment.

Electricity Definition in Physics

Physical Science defines that electricity is energy that is the result of particles with electric charges that meet each other, especially protons and electrons. In addition, electricity in physics is divided into several units, for example units of Ampere or A for electric current and also Coulomb or C.    

Uses of Electricity in Daily Life

The great realm of electricity use is in human life and daily activities, among which are:

1) Main energy for lighting;

2) Use of all electronic items;

3) For transportation needs;

4) For food processing equipment;

5) Various needs of the medical world;

6) Entertainment needs;

7) To drive the industrial world;

8) For air transportation purposes;*

Types of Electricity Sources

Below are the various types of electricity sources that have been widely used in the world, namely:

1) Electrical energy from steam power;

2) Electrical energy with main power from water;

3) electricity with nuclear power;

4) Solar solar electricity;

5) wind electricity;

6) Electricity Biomass material power;

7) Marine energy power electricity is like waves;

8) Electricity with geothermal geothermal power;

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Electrical energy is the main energy that is the need for humans and supports various vital aspects every day. The need for electricity and also alternative energy production is a very urgent matter that is of concern to world scientists today.

There is no side of modern human life today that does not use electricity, in other words it is one of the necessities of life that can no longer be separated from modern human life today and even in the future.


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