Use of Blockchain Technology

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The word “blockchain” when translated means block chain. Blockchain in the sense of the digital world is a form of digital format data storage system. Blockchain makes its data stored in a public database system, which is then named as a ledger or ledger.

So, we can conclude that blockchain is a digital data warehouse that is guaranteed to be safe and all data is not centralized in one data storage center.

3 Current uses of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain today is a form of innovation in the world of digital data, with a service in the form of a digital data center that is very secure and spread. As we know that digital data is a form of data format that is very important to be covered using the most advanced systems such as blockchain technology.

To this day, blockchain technology has been used in various fields of life, especially in various fields that are closely related to various data. Among the fields that currently use blockchain technology a lot in various data needs, namely the automotive, education, banking, health, and others.

It will be mentioned in the following, what fields have been explored by blockchain technology, see the following description:

use of blockchain technology
use of blockchain technology

1. Use of Blockchain Technology in Automotive Industry

Blockchain in the automotive world is useful as follows:

  • Improved Vehicle Supply Chain Data Management

This first use lies in the guaranteed security and transparency of all data related to the vehicle supply chain in the automotive business.

  • Ease of Replacement of Vehicle Ownership and Status

A classic problem with older automotive data models is the difficulty of changing the owner’s data as well as the status of a vehicle when switching ownership from one person to another. The use of Blockchain data technology answers all those problems completely.

  • Guaranteed security of Financial Transaction data

The safety of financial transactions in the car or other vehicle business is a necessity for many automotive business actors. Blockchain answers all problems in this case by guaranteeing all data related to the financial transaction activities of its activists with the use of the safest data system.

2. Use of Blockchain Technology in Education

Similar to other fields as mentioned above, the field of education also turns out to be very much in need of sophisticated data security from the blockchain. Data security in education is urgent on the following points:

  • Data on Academic Scores and Authenticity of Education Diplomas

The original diploma and the original grade are two inseparable things of importance in the world of education. The presence of blockchain technology will guarantee the authenticity and security of these two important data from all levels of education.

  • Creation of a Database of Students and Students

Blockchain plays an important role when creating databases at various levels of education. Here this advanced digital data technology will be the number one means for the realization of educational databases with a high level of security, whose data centers are scattered.

  • Create a Digital Database of Research Results in All Fields of Science

The security and distribution of data centers from research in various fields of science is a form of urgent data needs in the field of education, especially for universities. The database of the research results will be very easy to create if the campus manager uses blockchain when creating it.

  • Ease of Data Collection System in the Form of Salary and Other Awards

Blockchain with its sophistication will make the system of controlling and monitoring salary data and also reward data in addition very easy. Both forms of data would be very complicated without the help of advanced digital data systems such as blockchain.

3. Use of Blockchain Technology in Banking

Here’s how blockchain technology is used in banking:

  • As a Tool to Check the Authenticity of Customer Identity

The existence of a case of false identity causing the loss of many customers in banks is a homework for the banking world. Even so, the presence of a very reliable blockchain in terms of checking and verifying customer personal data is the solution point of all these problems.

  • Convenience when Transferring Money Abroad

Without the use of blockchain, sending money let alone aiming abroad will take a long time. But the problem will never be felt again by bank customers when blockchain technology is used, with the ability to send or transfer money super fast even if it aims at recipients abroad.


Blockchain technology is an advanced form of digital data technology that brings many uses to various fields in human life. The presence of this technology solves various problems and difficulties in data processing in various fields. If you work in a field that requires high security, you can use this technology.

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