3 Best CRM Software 2023 Pros, Con and Price

When choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business, there
are several facors to consider including cost, features, setup, and integration.

With so many options to choose from, we researched and analyzed many of the leading
platforms to determine which one we believe is the best fit for your various business needs.

After considering various factors such as the cost of each CRM, ease of use, the tools they
provide for sales and marketing teams, and integration with other common business applications,
we made the best choice.

Read on to learn more about our recommendations, as well as the key things to consider when
choosing CRM software.

Best CRM Software You Need To Know

Here are some recommendation of Best CRM Software, namely:

Best CRM Software
Best CRM Software


When it comes to CRM providers, Salesforce is known as an industry leader, offering a popular
foundational platform that is ideal for small businesses and growing businesses.

For those ready to dig in, Salesforce offers a wide range of customized solutions for sales,
marketing, and customer service teams.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Salesforce:

Pros Cons

The wide range of CRM products available
means Salesforce can grow with your


Larger companies may need to pay extra to
effectively use the Salesforce integration.
Salesforce has a purposeful CRM product line
designed for small businesses.
After hours, it may be difficult to get
immediate technical support.
Salesforce serves as a single source of
customer data for everyone in your
organization, improving customer
experiences and outcomes.

Most Salesforce plans require an annual



Here are some features:

  • Sales forecasting: Stay ahead of annual budgets and quarterly targets with real-time sales
  • Lead management: Automated processes and intelligent deals take you from lead to close.
  • Social intelligence: Get insights on trending social interactions related to your account.
  • Einstein recommendations: Receive personalized, AI-powered product and service
    recommendations at the right time.

Salesforce Price

Here are the detail of the Salesforce’s Price:

Plan Starting price
(per user per
Essentials $25 Lead management, duplicate blocking, web-to-lead capture,
bulk email, custom sales process, mobile app, offline
capabilities, custom dashboards, custom reports, file sharing,
case management, 5 automated workflows per organization
$75 All of Essentials, Custom Sales Console App, Collaborative
Forecasting, Prediction App, Contracts, Orders, Quotes,
Unlimited Custom Apps, Custom Roles, Developer
$75 All of Essentials, Service Contracts, Entitlements, Case
Milestone Tracker, Service Orders, Advanced Case
Management, Work Order Management, Product Tracking,
Custom Profiles, Unlimited Custom Apps, Developer
$1,250 All of Essentials, Service Contracts, Entitlements, Case
Milestone Tracker, Service Orders, Advanced Case
Management, Work Order Management, Product Tracking,
Custom Profiles, Unlimited Custom Apps, Developer

Monday Sales CRM

For companies with never-ending sales tasks and complex businesses, Monday Sales CRM
offers a great project management solution.

A central work management platform provides important time-saving and organizational

Monday Sales CRM customers get a user-friendly interface and unlimited boards to organize
their projects.

Whether you need a custom dashboard for your specific communication needs or want to use
tools to visualize and analyze your customer data, monday Sales CRM provides intuitive
technology to help you succeed.

The centralized work management platform stands out for its thoughtful design and ability to run
and scale to fit any workflow.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of using Monday Sales CRM:

Pros Cons
All plans include unlimited boards to
organize your projects, clients, and processes.
All Paid Monday Sales CRM plans have a

minimum of 3 slots.

All plans include unlimited boards to
organize your projects, clients, and processes.
HIPAA compliance and some security
features are limited to the Enterprise plan.
Time-saving automations are particularly
easy to create and deploy.
Automation is limited to a set number of

actions per month.


Here are the features of Monday Sales CRM:

  • Automation recipes: Easily integrate with third-party business tools to automate tasks
    and streamline your sales pipeline.
  • Work management: All Monday products include a complete workflow platform.
  • Lead scoring: Identifying your most valuable leads allows you to effectively prioritize
  • Template center: Teams can get started in minutes with pre-built templates for every

Monday Sales CRM Price

In addition to the free personal edition, Monday Sales CRM offers four paid plans (Basic,
Standard, Pro, Enterprise).

List prices range from $8 to $16 per month for annual plans.

Plan Starting price
(per user per
month based
on three
Individual $0 Unlimited boards, cellular apps, 5GB of storage, 200+
templates, 20 column types, web-to-lead capture, two-issue
authentication, confined cellular apps and 24/7 customer
Basic $10 IEverything in Individual, lead-through-deal control, limitless
visible income pipelines, limitless contacts, custom fields,
complete cellular CRM, complete API get entry to and report
$14 Everything in Basic, timeline view, calendar view, visitor get
entry to, e mail sync, income analytics, Mailchimp integration,
5-board dashboards, 20GB of storage, income forecasting,
automations with 250 month-to-month moves and integrations
with 250 month-to-month moves
Pro $24 IEverything in Standard, custom notifications, fee control, time
tracking, workflow and approval automations, 10-board
dashboards, superior reports, non-public boards, 100GB of
storage, automations with 25,000 month-to-month moves, and
integrations with 25,000 month-to-month moves
Custom quote Everything in Pro, enterprise-scale automations and
integrations, enterprise-grade security, superior analytics,
multilevel permissions, guided onboarding, precedence
support, 50-board dashboards, 1,000GB of storage,
automations with 250,000 month-to-month moves, integrations
with 250,000 month-to-month moves, and HIPAA compliance


Pipedrive is a great CRM solution for companies that want a powerful visual sales pipeline with
at-a-glance information and data visualization.


Pipedrive is easy to set up without a dedicated IT staff.

Its visual capabilities are designed to improve the effectiveness of sales performance, reporting
tools, workflow automation, and correspondence tracking.

With native messaging inboxes, you can automatically save your interaction history to help
Pipedrive provide valuable sales strategy information.

Pipedrive’s AI tools use performance recommendations and suggested tasks to find critical
improvement opportunities.

An average conversion rate is calculated so you know how many new leads you have and what
actions you need to take to reach your next goal.

Real-time reports show you if you’re on track, give you time to adjust course if necessary, and
provide timely coaching to maximize your sales strategy.

Pipedrive Price

This CRM offers its customers a 30-day free trial.

Full access, no credit card required.

Billed annually at $14 per user per month, Pipedrive’s Essential plan includes 24/7 support and
275+ integrations.

At $24 per user per month, the Advanced plan includes additional workflow automation and
email functionality.

At $49 per user per month, the Professional plan offers detailed forecasts and one-click calling.

Pipedrive’s most comprehensive plan, the Enterprise plan, costs $99 per user per month for
unlimited features, user permissions, and visibility settings.


Most CRM software charges on a per-person, per-month basis.

Many businesses choose annual billing to simplify the checkout process and save money.

When looking for a CRM program, it’s important to know what you need.

Common features of a CRM system are listed below.

This allows you to determine which features best suit your company’s needs.

  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Customer Data Management
  • Customization, and
  • Third-Party Integrations

I hope this article helps you to find the best CRM for your business.

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