8 New Technology In Healthcare, The Most Advanced Achievement

8 New Technology In Healthcare
New Technology In Healthcare by maxmanroe

New Technology In Healthcare | Health and related technologies continue to evolve every
year. There are always the latest drug and medical device findings found by humans in various
sub-fields of health from the past until now.

All the latest findings make many people can be cured of various kinds of medical problems
faced by them. It can be said that the technology of medicines and medical devices provides
continuous exciting developments as a result of the hard work of experts in the field.

Latest medical technology inventions

In this article will be discussed various latest findings in medicine and medical devices that are
the achievements of researchers in the field of health, including:

1. The Discovery of mRNA Technology

mRNA technology is the first form of the latest health technology that has become a trend of
discussion in the world of health lately. This happened due to the process of making the Covid-
19 vaccine with the help of this latest technology.

mRNA itself is an abbreviated form of messenger ribonucleic acid, which is a molecule with a
single chain and the ability to convey complete genetic data of a DNA.

This vaccine product with mRNA technology has the ability to provide genetic data on cells that
make these cells can produce viral proteins. With the creation of these viral proteins, the
human body is stimulated to produce substances that increase endurance.

Virus vaccines made with mRNA technology are also said to have succeeded in triggering the
development of the same type of vaccine for the purposes of various diseases caused by other
viruses. The advantages of mRNA vaccines are in their relatively cheap production capital, very
fast manufacturing time, and very high product effectiveness.

This finding also provides a huge development opportunity for mRNA technology which is very
likely to be developed into not only in the form of vaccines, but also possible to be present in
the form of technology and other health products to answer the various needs of the current
health world.

mRNA technology has succeeded in making the human body the main center of antiviral
protein synthesis naturally as a substitute for the artificial synthesis process with various
sophisticated tools with very high production costs.

2. VR Technology (Visual Reality)

Actually, VR technology or Visual reality has long been used in various areas of human life.
However, the development and idea of its use in the world of health has only begun in recent

This technology has proven to be very effective in helping the healing process of autism,
dementia, anxiety, stress, various psychological problems, and also various other forms of
health problems. Not only that, VR technology has also been widely used to improve the
professional skills of medical personnel in various fields of expertise, including in the process of
diagnosing patients.

Many health experts assess that the use of VR technology will continue to grow rapidly in the
world of health because there continue to be many things in the medical field that can be made
easy with the use of this technology.

Until now, VR technology is widely used by medical practitioners in terms of surgery, cancer
therapy, rehabilitation processes, and also the prevention of various health problems that may

3. Use of Neurotechnology

Neurotechnology is widely used in the health sector, for example, in making certain influences
on brain activity made by stimulation of the nervous system, providing stimulation to the brain,
neurostimulation, making brain images through recording the brain's magenet field as a result
of electrical activity in the brain.

4. Artificial Intelligence or AI Technology

The presence of Artificial Intelligence or AI is a convenience for doctors and nurses in various
health care centers when creating comprehensive treatment programs for patients. Artificial
Intelligence or AI even makes doctors and other health workers able to manage patient care
more actively and orderly.

5. 3D Printing Technology

This technology is often used in the surgical process, especially in the manufacture of joints and
implants. This technology has the ability to be adapted to various parts of the body where it is

6. CRISPR Technology

CRISPR stands for Clustered-Regularly Interspaced Short-Palindromic Repeats which is a
technology with the ability to edit genes. When dealing with viral infections, this technology
works by cutting DNA arrays that have been positively infected by viruses.

7. Telemedicine Technology

Telemedicine is a term that means the process of clinical health services through certain
communication tools without any meeting between patients and health workers. This service is
said to be the safest service for health workers, especially when dealing with patients infected
with infectious diseases from viruses or bacteria.

8. Health Accessories

Health Accessories are commercial medical devices whose use is in the form of an accessory
that can be used anywhere and anytime. The most dominant example in this case is the
Smartwatch product that comes with various health supporting features such as
electrocardiogram, oxygen saturation, blood pressure meter, sleep pattern data, and so on.*

Health tips app in android

Below are android health tips applications that you can use:

1. Nike BOOM Application

The main function of this application is to help encourage you when going to sports. In this app
there are plenty of physical exercises for you to choose from, complete with your diving
workout music.

2. Backpacker GPS Trails App

The app will give you directions while running around your neighborhood.

3. Endomondo Sports Tracker App

This application is intended for those of you who live in urban areas, this application will be a
helper for your various digital sports needs, such as walking, cycling, or running.

4. Calorie Counter Application

This app will help you when counting food calories in a weight loss program. In this application
there are features of meal schedules, food diary menus for weight loss programs, and so on.

5. BMI Calculator App

This app calculates your weight category based on your current height and weight. This
application will categorize whether you are thin, fat, or have an ideal weight.

6. Application of Soleil Organics

This application will help you detect whether the type of food sold in a store is organic or not.

7. Instant Heart Rate Pro App

This application will help its users in maintaining heart health based on the resulting heart rate.

8. First Aid Application

This app contains First Aid guide on health issues.

9. ePocrates App

This application will give users a reference to the name of the drug for a disease on the market.
This application is widely used by doctors in America.

10. Pocket Yoga App

This app will help you do yoga practice independently, as if you were guided by a professional.
Public Health Problems List

1) Changes in climate conditions and extreme weather;
2) Health services in conflict areas;
3) Improvement of the level of health services of all circles;
4) Scope and marketing reach of drugs of various diseases;
5) Difficulty stopping various infectious diseases;
6) Lack of Preparation for the outbreak;
7) Lack of maximum protection of the world community from harmful products;
8) Lack of investment in the number of health workers;

Healthcare system definition

The health service system is a system in the health sector whose scope is all things related to
health problems, ranging from facilities, medical personnel, medicines, and so on.

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Until now, technology in the health sector continues to experience very rapid development to
achieve better world health technology advances. Every year dozens of the latest technologies
are created to support health care. However, the health problems faced also continue to
change and show an increasingly complex direction.


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