6 New Technology Inventions 2023

New Technology Inventions
New Technology Inventions Line by maxmanroe

New Technology Inventions 2023 | Technology over time continues to be developed in a more advanced direction than before. The development is carried out in order to realize a better human life by meeting various human needs easily.

Every year there are many new findings in various fields that are introduced and also marketed around the world. Apart from the economic motives of the companies that make and market them, all of these inventions have a positive impact in various areas of human life.

Latest Information Technology Trends

The following is a series of the latest technological findings in 2023 in various fields of human life, namely:

1. Smartphopne Nothing Phone Products

This smartphone is very different from the general smartphones we know, this smartphone known as Nothing Phone 1 has a translucent body, looks like the engine components, and uses frame materials obtained from recycled aluminum materials.

There are several interesting features on this smartphone, namely:

1) 900 LED Lights behind it;

2) three cameras located in the same line with USB C port, center, and at the top point on the right;

2. Flexible Sailing Smartphone

This flexible smartphone product was initiated for the first time by Samsung by using Super AMOLED and AMOLED screens, allowing the screen to be folded as needed. Smartphones with this type are now very widely marketed by various smartphone brands around the world.

Examples of products like this are Motorola RAZR, Huawei Mate XS, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

3. Hologram Smartphone

A hologram is a visual technology with a 3D image display, even if it is not in the same place as an object. Smartphones with this technology will present more real 3D images in visual form compared to the video technology that exists today.*

4. Smart Sneakers Products 

This shoe product is equipped with a digital sensor with the ability to detect various things on the user, such as the calories used while wearing it, total step distance, walking speed, and others. This product is said to have a 60-day service life on a single charge.

An example of this technological shoe product is the Nike Adapt BB product.

5. Autonomous Car

Autonomous car, also called self-driving car, is a smart car with automatic technology that can run even without being supplied by the driver. The car is equipped with super sensors capable of carrying it to run without human control.

6. Hoverboard (Flying Skateboard)

A hoverboard is a skateboarding innovation with the ability to fly with its controller. If on a regular skateboard you can only push it manually, on a hoveboard you can even fly using it.

Gartner Technology Trends 2023

According to Gartner, here are the technologies that are trending in 2023, namely:

1. Trend of Continuing Achievements

This trend is in the form of continuing efforts from various forms of products that have existed in the previous year in various business fields and types of products. This trend is certainly carried out by all companies in various fields to generate greater revenue than before.

2. Metaverse World

Although until now the Metaverse has been somewhat less successful, this digital virtual world technology has a great opportunity to become the latest technological trend in various fields of human life. The greatness of this technology lies in its ability to present a new universe in the world of technology whose experience in it is multi-dimensional.

3. Superapps Technology

Superapps is a technology in the field of digital applications with the ability to run and summarize various similar digital functions. This application will no longer play one function as most exist today, but will unify similar and related multi-functions according to their fields.*

4. Adaptive AI Technology

This artificial intelligence technology will be present in various areas of life that exist today. It can be said that this technology is the most recent of all types of technological findings that exist today.

5. Digital Immune Automated System

This system is a technology that will fill the void of human roles in various fields. If human working time in a certain field is limited to only a few hours, then the next void will be filled with the use of this technology so that the existing system in a company can operate up to 24 hours and 7 days a week.

New Technology 2023 in Computer Science

1. Development of the Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is currently being widely developed in various fields. Currently, this form of technology is even present in the form of vehicles, in hospitals, in various company offices, and others.

2. Quantum Computing

This technology is the most advanced technology in the computer world that will bring high speed to the work of various tasks and functions that are closely related to the digital world of computers. It is mentioned that tech giants like google and also Microsoft have even made big investment decisions on this technology.

3. IoT Technology (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things) is an effort to develop internet technology so that it is able to be present and provide various conveniences with a maximum level of resource efficiency in various fields. The Internet is no longer just limited to the role of information and communication, but can already be present multi-role in all sectors of life. 

4. 5G Cellular Network Technology

The presence of 5G technology is an extraordinary breakthrough in the world of technology, although currently not many countries use this technology, but there are already smartphones that are born with readiness to support this 5G network.*

5. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Technology

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a digital technology that performs various tasks and functions using certain software. This system comes with all-automatic and robotic capabilities in doing various tasks in various ways.

Future Technology 2050

Below is a prediction of the development of the technological world by Ian Pearson, an observer of future technologies, namely:

• The birth of the technology of delivering goods by drone;

• Hyperloop technology for alternative transportation between cities;

• Artificial Intelligence or AI technology is already the same as the level of human intelligence by 2025;

• Commencement of interplanetary tourism in 2030, such as to the moon, to the planet Mars, etc.;

• The start of the use of Phrostetics technology technology in 2030, namely the technology of replacing body organs and also their aids;

• There will be clothes that can make the wearer have superpowers;

• The beginning of the use of books in the form of virtual reality;

• Smartphones are likely to turn into old technologies in the future by 2025;

• The use of automatic cars without a driver will become common;

• There will be 3D printers invented;

• There will be robotic technology products with the task of doing various homework by 2030;

• The start of the use of nanotechnology in 2045;

• Cyborg robots will appear in 2045 to perform various tasks and functions;

• There will be the emergence of Artificial Intelligence products based on household needs by 2040;

• Energy sources will largely use environmentally friendly energy;

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Technology will continue to be developed for the realization of convenience and better achievements in various fields of human life. However, technology can never replace 100% of the role of humans in various areas of life, because any technology is only a tool that is a human helper and not a substitute for humans.


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