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New Inventions to help the Environment
New Inventions to help the Environment by maxmanroe

The rise in global temperature or more familiarly known as global warming is becoming a serious problem for the modern world today. This problem is even able to make many parties think and try hard so that they can contribute according to their respective fields.

Until now, there have been many forms of effort and hard work by various groups such as scientists and also various global companies to create a variety of environmentally friendly products so that the fact of global warming can be resolved.

New Inventions to help the Environment

The results of hard work and smart thoughts of various groups to create various environmentally friendly products have been fruitful in the form of the following various environmentally friendly products:    

1. Windmill

The use of windmills to create electrical energy without pollution is one of the many technological products that are very environmentally friendly. This technology is classified as very effective for producing electrical energy without waste in the form of air pollution in the atmosphere.

2. Biogas

Biogas is a gas fuel product resulting from the distribution of various organic materials such as various animal waste, human waste, and also various plant waste. The main substances in all organic waste are the presence of methane and carbon dioxide the main ingredients in vehicles and also to produce electrical energy.

3. Lights For Life

The creation of this lamp is the result of research by students at a campus in Indonesia, which made a research focus on bioluminescence bacteria. The bacteria turned out to have a special feature that can allow the creation of lamps for life.

4. Solar Panels

This technology in the field of electricity became the first technology that has long been invented. Solar power technology works by converting light energy into the form of electrical energy that can be used for various purposes such as diesel electricity.*

5. Flooring Generates Electricity

This type of flooring is a technological innovation from Japan in 2008. Japan makes technology with the ability to convert human pressure on the surface of a floor into the form of environmentally friendly electrical energy. This technology is then placed in crowded public facilities such as terminals.

6. Electric Power Cars

It can be said that the invention of electric cars is a testament to the sincerity of many to deal with air pollution and rising global temperatures. The use of electric power in these vehicles has successfully created automatic vehicles with electric power to replace the role of gasoline.

New Green Inventions

Environmentally friendly technology or known as green technology is a solution to various environmental problems, including global warming and high levels of air pollution in major cities around the world.

Until now, the concept findings of experts in this field include:

1. Energy Field

The problem of finding renewable green energy sources is the biggest homework of global scientists. This problem covers various energy-related issues such as the search for environmentally friendly renewable fuel sources, the search for new ways to produce energy, as well as increasing the efficiency of energy use in various fields.

2. Green building

A green building is a building that is made with great care for various things that have the potential to disturb the environment, ranging from the construction materials used, to the design of the building.

3. Green chemistry

The term green chemistry is a term for chemical products that are very safe for the environment because they have eliminated various toxic properties that have the potential to damage the environment.*

4. Green nanotechnology

Environmentally friendly green nanotechnology is an effort to eliminate toxic properties in various materials of nanotechnology products spread across various fields. This effort makes scientists optimistic that there will be many new nanotechnology products that can be made if the toxic properties can be eliminated.

New Inventions to Reduce Pollution

Below are examples of products developed to lower pollution levels in different countries, namely:

1. Electric cars

Electric cars and other electric-powered vehicles are clear examples of pollution reduction efforts carried out in various countries. Although no effective way has been found to reduce the production price of this vehicle product, the presence of this type of car is believed to be the main contributor to reducing air pollution.

2. Air Purifier Technology

Among the products in this field is the use of photocalytic systems as triggers for chemical reaction circuits that purify air pollution.

3. Renewable energy

There are many types of renewable energy that until now have been used to replace fuel oil energy. It continues to be developed to improve the capacity and quality of energy source products in the future.

4. Waste Treatment Technology

Waste with various sources and types of materials is one of the factors causing high damage to an environment. Handling this problem is also being developed by researchers in this field so that its impact on the environment can be minimized or even eliminated.

5. Improvement of Public Mobility Services

Examples in this case are the improvement of public transportation facilities, electric power transportation modes, and also the redevelopment of walking and cycling habits in the community. All of these things will help reduce the use of private vehicles, which is one of the biggest sources of air pollution.

6. Organic Foodstuffs

Organic food ingredients are foodstuffs in the form of rice or other foodstuffs produced by avoiding the use of chemicals in the process of caring for plants. The reduced use of chemicals in agriculture will be able to reduce the amount of use of various harmful chemicals in agricultural products.*

Climate Change Inventions

The various forms of research and discovery efforts in climate-related fields are as follows:

1. Search for the latest energy sources

Efforts in this field are made to reduce the dependence of world energy sources on fuel oil whose sources come from fossils. The easiest example mentioned in this field is the use of solar power, hydropower, wind power, and so on to produce new energy.

2. Production of electric power vehicles

Vehicles are the world’s largest producer of air pollution. To solve this problem, experts continue to develop and already market electric power vehicles in the form of electric motorcycles and also electric cars.

3. Use of CCS Technology

CCS technology is a technology whose working system is to capture all kinds of pollutant material in the air and store it into the soil.

4. Development of Extreme Temperature Resistant Plant Products

Global warming is expected to have a devastating impact on natural plants due to the continued increase in air temperatures in the atmosphere. This requires the need to prepare plant species resistant to extreme temperatures so that the earth does not lose plants significantly.

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Environmental problems are a global problem with various forms, for example, littering in rivers, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and others. All of these issues are the shared responsibility of people around the world to create a sustainable nature and a preserved environment.


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