6 Latest Technologies In Software Industry, The God-Level Technology Of The Computer World

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6 Latest Technologies In Software Industry
Latest Technologies In Software Industry by maxmanroe

Latest Technologies In Software Industry | The software technology industry is one of the fields of technology that continues to experience very rapid development from time to time. There are always updates or releases of new software with various functions that continue to increase every year.

It is well known that the process of developing various software has the aim of making it easier for humans to do various things according to their needs in various fields of work.

Current Technologies in Software Industry

Below is a series of software and also the latest hardware in the world of software industry as a result of the latest developments in the software industry.

1. AMD 3D V-Cache

AMD 3D V-Cache software technology that has the ability to store cache memory is far from its CPU cores. With the use of this technology, an AMD processor will have the ability to store very large cached data even though it uses a chip of the same capacity. 

As a result, the speed of performance of computer systems and their access will be able to double. All because the large cache data storage capacity will make a computer able to work at high speed even with many simultaneous commands.

The use of AMD 3D V-Cache on a computer will increase the L3 Cache up to 64 MB on an AMD processor. When you are interested in using this technology, you can find it on the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor.

The addition of AMD 3D V-Cache on the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor will make this processor have support for L3 Cache capacity of 96 MB. That’s because before it was added with a 3D V-Cache, this processor already had a 32 MB L3 Cache.*

2. AMD Zen 4 Micro Processor

AMD Zen 4 Micro Processor is a processor product that was also released by AMD along with AMD 3D V-Cache. Apparently, this company is very focused and intense on developing its software products in order to bring the best performance to a computer.

In this Micro Processor product, AMD adds two advantages to its product, namely PCI Express 5.0 with DDR5 RAM support. Not only that, the addition of a new socket for the AM5 desktop processor also enlivens this product.

You need to know that AM5 socket AMD desktop processor LGA type is supported by pin 1718, this specification makes this processor close to intel processor specifications.   

The plan is that this AMD processor model with great specifications will be paired with the AMD Ryzen 7000 series product, supported by TSMC’s 5nm process fabrication. This product has been released with this specification in 2022.

3. PCI Express Technology 6.0

PCI Express 6.0 technology is a breakthrough computer technology with stunning specifications and very high performance speed. PCI Express itself is a computer machine most widely used by various world-famous PC brands.  

This range of PC machines is powered by a VGA card and high-speed storage space. You will feel the sensation and high-speed computer performance that will facilitate your various tasks when using a PC.

PCI Express 6.0, which was released in mid-2022, also comes with a bandwidth of 64 GT / second or the equivalent of 126 GB / second with 16 configuration lanes per lane. With these specifications, technology is capable of multi-tasking which will save you time in work.

PCI Express 6.0 is also supported by an Amplitude of 4 levels which functions as a data integrator as well as anti-error.*

4. Intel Arc Technology

Intel Arc technology is a discrete GPU product owned by Intel to increase consumer satisfaction when using Intel computer products. This technology is coded Alchemist and has been released in 2022.

Apparently, this product is deliberately devoted to competing with other intel competitors such as AMD Radeon and also Nvidia Geforce. On Intel Arc, Intel even gave full support by also adding Intel Xe-HPG, a hardware that has high speed when used to play games.

There are also other great support additions such as DirectX 12 Ultimate, supersampling, and ray-tracing that make this product unmatched. Not only that, Intel seems to have full confidence in TSMC to become a GPU provider to collaborate with this product.

5. Apple M1 Ultra and Mac Studio

 Mac Studio is the latest computer product from Apple, this product is in the form of a small form factor desktop, a computer with a mini size. This product has a body and size that is not much different from its predecessor Mac Mini. 

The main point that distinguishes the two is in the target users. If the target user of Mac Mini is personal, then Mac Studio the target market is a company or business organization and beyond. 

In Mac Studio products, Apple even uses an additional flagship product called the Apple M1 Ultra SoC, a chip that is the result of the unification of the Apple M1 Max chip.

Other great specifications of Mac Studio you can see below:

1) Use of 32 cores Neural Engine;

2) Large storage of 128 GB (LPDDR5-6400), as well as support for bandwidth of 800 GB/s;

3) 8 TB storage capacity;

4) Operability with 5 concurrent monitors;

5) 10Gb Ethernet feature, Wifi 6 (802.11ax), and Bluetooth 5.0 feature. 

6) SDXC card slot, USB type-A port, 3.5 mm audio jack, and Built-in speaker;

You can enjoy the technology above in the products released by Apple in 2022.*

6. Steam Deck Hand Computer

Steam Deck Hand Computer is an innovative product of the computer world that carries computer products similar to smartphones that are the size of a handful of hands. This product was released to support the ease of gaming, especially in various games released by the Valve company via Steam.

You can see the main specifications of this product below:

1) Support customized AMD APUs;

2) CPU 8 thread AMD Zen 2 4 cores – speed 3.5 GHz;

3) Image viewer with GPU AMD RDNA 2 8 CU;

4) 88 GB bandwidth per second with 16 GB LPDDR5 type memory.

5) MicroSD slot and 512 GB NVME SSD memory internal space;

6) screen resolution 1280 x 800 60 Hz LCD touchscreen 7″;

7) 2 trackpads with 2 analog sticks;

8) Thunderbolt 4, USB type-C, Wifi 802.11ac, and Bluetooth 5.0,

Steam Deck uses the Steam Arch Linux OS, with full support for the Proton Feature which gives it the ability to operate various Windows games and applications even when using the Steam OS.

Advantages Of Intel Core i5

Intel Core i5 is a processor product belonging to Core i3 with quad-core and dual-core forms. It can be said that the Intel Core i5 processor is an upper middle class processor that is much sought after by game lovers. Currently, the latest type of processor has been widely used laptops of various brands, namely the Core i7 and Core i9 types.

Here are the advantages of the Intel Core i5 processor:

1) Using 4 cores with high multitasking capabilities that are suitable for gaming activities.

2) Equipped with Northbridge chipset.

3) Supported 6MB L3 Cache via Intel Turbo-Boost Technology feature.

4) Suitable for animation and 3D online games.

5) Ability to work on 2 threads at once through Hyper-Threading feature.

6) 4K high image resolution and ultra high Definition.

7) Suitable for 16 GB RAM.

8) Use of 64-bit Ivy Bridge power saver.

9) Using Intel HD Graphics.

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The Latest Technologies In Software Industry mentioned above is the latest innovation in the world of computer technology that has proven successful in presenting PC and Laptop computers of high quality and specifications, as an answer to the current need for computer multitasking in various fields.

With the use of the technology above, computer performance in various purposes and heavy tasks in various fields seems to have been answered entirely very well.


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