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New Technology For Education
New Technology For Education by maxmanroe

New Technology For Education | Technology for education is a series of technologies that are used to support various teaching and learning programs of students at various levels of education. Technology for education includes many things such as online learning websites, social media for learning, computer devices and smartphones, and others.

The use of technology in the field of education helps facilitate various learning processes and also the administration related to it. Technology also helps make it easier for teachers to provide images, supporting videos, and also clear examples that are very interesting about various learning materials.

However, technology is still unable to replace the role of teachers completely. That’s because there are many things in education that technology can’t do and can only be done by a real teacher.

Technological Trends In Teaching and Learning

Below is a row of technologies that really help facilitate teachers and students in the field of education, especially the teaching and learning process, namely:

1. E-Learning and Online Learning Systems

E-Learning is a learning process using the help of digital media such as smartphones and computers to learn certain learning materials at school. The online learning system is a learning system in which internet communication media is used instead of face-to-face meetings directly in class.

Until now, these two learning systems have been very widely used throughout the world as helpers for the teaching and learning process of students and teachers.

2. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Both of these technologies are the latest technologies that have very many benefits in the field of education. Both technologies help in realizing a learning process that suits the needs of students adaptively and personally.

3. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Both of these technologies help teachers in schools to present highly interactive learning so as to attract high interest from students.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

The manifestation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the world of education is the implementation of online learning, and various other things that support the learning process of students and teachers, including to facilitate remote interaction between teachers and their students.

5. Blockchain

This technology is very helpful for teachers in maintaining the safety of various data related to education in schools. This technology also facilitates the realization of digital certificates for various achievements among students and teachers who can easily be accounted for their authenticity.

6. 3D Printing

This 3D technology is very helpful in learning that is closely related to mathematics, machines, technology, and also the field of science.

7. Cloud Computing

Technology helps teachers collaborate with students in accessing various data related to teaching and learning processes centrally on one server, as well as various data related to both.

However, the entry of technology with the various conveniences it brings in the field of education also has its own negative impact on students, especially on the great potential for the emergence of technology addiction accompanied by a very lack of social interaction.

why is education important for success

The following are some points that make education one of the keys to success in the future, namely:

1. Main Requirements for the World of Work

Education is a key requirement on various job opportunities that enable a person to succeed in the future. Although not all fields of work require education, this has become a general requirement for various jobs related to offices and certain companies.

2. Increase Income

It is understood by many people that the level of education is one of the factors in the difference in income levels between one employee and another employee in the world of work. People with higher levels of education always get higher positions and salaries than people with more education below.

3. Increase Skills and Insights

The main thing that makes education a path to success is the improvement of skills and insights possessed by people who go through it. Of course, the skills and insights between one person and another will depend on the level of education he successfully completed.

4. Increased Self-Awareness and Maturity

With education, a person will have a high level of awareness in understanding himself, others, and also his environment. The combination of all of that will make him able to decide various important things that will affect his future.

5. Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a very important feeling for a person to have in order to succeed in the future. Through good education, a person will have self-confidence that will lead him to the path of future success.

6. International Job Opportunities

With a very good level of education, a person will have the opportunity to get opportunities to work internationally in various countries. Of course, with a higher salary and income than just working in your own country.

Educational technology importance

The role of technology in the world of education is very important and large which can be seen in the points that will be mentioned below:

1. Increased Flexibility and Accessibility of Education

With the use of technology, students and teachers are able to present various learning materials with the help of various teaching aids and supporting learning materials such as science videos, and others. That way, students will be enthusiastic about learning anytime and anywhere, even outside school hours.

2. Increased Student Interest and Engagement

Learning using technology assistance is a very interesting learning for students, especially if it is supported by the way of careful delivery from teachers. This will increase the interest and interest of students related to the learning material being discussed.

3. Increased Learning Effectiveness

Teaching and learning with the support of technology will increase the effectiveness of a learning process. Not only that, the learning process will be very interesting for students, who will then make it a very effective learning.

4. Increased Learning Efficiency

The use of technology in the learning process will also make a lot of efficiency achieved, especially the efficiency of energy, time, and also the material used. Because, technology will be very helpful in many ways during the learning process and make it effective.

5. Increased Student and teacher Collaboration

Collaboration in the form of student and teacher cooperation in the learning process will be greatly increased compared to without the use and support of technology. This collaboration will also provide students with a great understanding of the learning material they are learning together.*

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The use of New Technology For Education is very important to help realize the best learning process for students and teachers at various levels of education. With the use of technology, the quality of education will be easily improved many times over when compared to traditional education without adequate technological support.


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