7 Best Data Analytics Software 2023

Data analytics can help small businesses in many ways.

By understanding data analytics, businesses can make better decisions about where to allocate
resources and how to price products and services.

Additionally, data analytics help companies identify trends and understand their customer base.

Data analysis software can track and analyze data so you can create actionable reports and

If you’re looking for a reliable solution, check out our guide to the best data analysis tools and
software available today.

Best Data Analytics Software

Here are 7 recommendation of the best data analytics software you need to know:

Best Data Analytics Software
Best Data Analytics Software

1. Microsoft Power BI: Best for Data Visualization

Microsoft Power BI is a data analysis program that allows you to create sophisticated and
dynamic data visualizations from a variety of sources.

It can also communicate key business insights that drive success.

With this tool, you can easily create and manage data reports and dashboards and securely share
them across applications.

Reduce data preparation and use existing skills such as: Microsoft Excel goes from design to
analysis to presentation.

There are also free online tutorials and training materials that you can distribute to your

Being able to access an app on your smartphone to create reports to share and collaborate on is
key, and Microsoft Power BI has that app covered.

Who should use it? Microsoft Power BI is a great data analysis tool for small businesses looking
to create sophisticated data visualizations.

2. Tableau: Best for Business Intelligence

Tableau is data analysis software widely used in business intelligence.

Help users see and understand data with built-in visual best practices.

Tableau is also known for its scalability and efficiency, making it popular with businesses of all

As part of Salesforce, Tableau features Einstein Discovery AI, making it an even more powerful
tool for data analysis.

There are two hosting options.

Host it on your own server if you have the IT resources, or host it on Tableau Online.

If you need help getting started, the Tableau Community is a great resource with millions of
members ready to offer advice and support.

Tableau also has many integrations and APIs, making it a very versatile data analysis tool.

If you have users who only need read access, you can add them to your plan for a significantly
discounted monthly fee of $15 per user.

Who should use it? Tableau is the data analysis tool of choice for businesses looking for business

3. Qlik Sense: Best for Machine Learning

Qlik Sense is data analytics software that uses machine learning (ML) to help users understand
and use their data better.

It offers a full suite of advanced capabilities, including AI-generated analytics and insights,
automated authoring and data preparation, natural language search and interaction, machine
learning, and predictive analytics.

Its powerful software as a service (SaaS) and hybrid cloud architecture allows organizations of
all sizes to benefit from unmatched analytical power and versatility.

Whether running in the cloud, in SaaS, or on-premises, artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can
perform predictive computations for your business to act on.

Who should use it? Qlik Sense is the data analytics software of choice for businesses looking to
use machine learning.

4. Looker: Best for Data Exploration

Looker is great for data exploration and brings value to your team by providing new insights.

It’s part of Google Cloud Platform, so it’s easy to integrate with other tools you use.

Looker also has a robust API that you can use to build custom applications based on the data you

It also supports multiple SQL dialects to avoid database locking and maintain a multi-cloud data

Blocks allow you to incorporate data visualization into your workflow when you need it.

With support for hosting in public clouds like AWS and Google Cloud Platform, as well as in
multi-cloud and hybrid environments, Looker gives you the flexibility to run it the way you need

Who should use it? Looker is the data analysis software of choice for businesses that want to use
their data to visualize patterns and important characteristics.

5. Klipfolio: Best for Instant Metrics

Klipfolio is the best data analysis software for instant metrics and business decision validation as
it allows users to have all metrics in one place.

Users can import and manipulate data using the powerful Data Modeler and view it any way they

PowerMetrics is one such tool that tracks data history, allowing users to easily compare time
periods and explore historical trends.

This data analysis software is easy to use and requires no programming knowledge.

Who should use it? Klipfolio is the data analytics software of choice for businesses of all sizes
who want instant insights from their data.

6. Zoho Analytics: Best for Robust Insights

Zoho Analytics is data analytics software built for robust insights.

Integrate with a variety of sources including files and feeds, common business apps, cloud and
on-premises databases, and custom apps.

It also has an easy-to-use connection interface.

It features self-service data preparation and management capabilities and an intuitive drag-and-
drop interface enhanced with AI and ML capabilities.

Zoho Analytics has a wide range of APIs that can be easily extended.

Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Who should use it? Zoho Analytics is perfect for businesses looking for solid insights.

7. Domo: Best for Streamlining Workflows

Domo is the best data analysis software for streamlining your workflow.

Instantly scale your queries with Domo, where you can choose from packages that include data
storage and query volume.

It offers powerful drag and drop ETL (extract, transform and load), 1000+ pre-built and custom
data connectors, 150+ interactive chart types, push notifications, instant chat collaboration, apps
for iOS and Android, access to hundreds of pre-built business apps, programmatic management
with enterprise APIs, and security features including single sign-on (SSO) integration, custom
data access and BYOK data encryption. 

Who should use it? Domo is the data analytics software of choice for businesses looking to
streamline their workflow.


Data analysis is the process of analyzing raw data to produce meaningful insights.

This can be done in a number of ways, including statistical analysis and machine learning.

Common data analysis tools include data visualization tools, data mining tools, and machine
learning platforms.

These tools help data analysts extract insights from datasets.

The best data analytics software for small businesses depends on the specific needs of your

However, our top rated software products include Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Sense

Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a data analysis tool are ease of
learning and use, whether it offers access to different types of charts and charts, whether it is
easy for beginners to understand, etc.

We have Exporting data in different formats, it can handle different formats, is interactive, offers
plugins, and supports different devices.

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