4 Best Video Conferencing Software 2023

Video conferencing software has become a lifeline for millions of people and an integral part of our daily lives.

Today’s best video conferencing software and apps allow colleagues to see and hear each other in its HD quality.

With so many video conferencing options available, each offering unique features at different price points, it can be difficult to choose.

We analyze the best video conferencing apps so you can choose the right solution for your team and budget.

Best Video Conferencing Software

Best Video Conferencing Software

Here are four best video conferencing softwares and its price:

Google Meet

Google Meet is the company’s latest Hangouts replacement and is open to anyone with a free Google account.

The software comes standard with up to 100 person calls, mobile functionality and screen sharing modules.

A free version is also available, but a paid Google Workspace plan is required to access the whiteboard tools and social media integration.

The user interface isn’t as smooth as competing systems, but the service comes bundled with many of Google’s other useful apps for free.

This is ideal for sole proprietors and startups who need to exhaust their tech budget.

Google Meet is completely free for its personal Google account.

Unlock additional features by upgrading to your company’s workspace suite:

  • Business Starter: $6 per user/month with meetings for up to 100 people and 30 GB of cloud storage per user
  • Business Standard: $12 per user/month with meetings for up to 150 people as well as 2 TB of online storage per user and meeting recordings
  • Business Plus: $18 per user/month with meetings for up to 500 people, 5 TB of storage per user and advanced endpoint management
  • Enterprise:Priced on a custom basis, this package comes with noise-canceling features during meetings, unlimited online storage and priority support from Google

Note that Google Accounts come bundled with many other productivity services.

Whether you have a personal or paid Workspace account, the service gives you access to word processors, spreadsheets, calendar planning apps, and more.

This could make Google Meet an attractive one-stop-shop for startups looking for solid value.

For security reasons, Google says that data shared via Meet is encrypted in transit by default.

The service also complies with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) security standards for Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

While some may forego Google Meet for a more specific video conferencing service, we think the solid free version and affordable service plans make Meet a worthwhile investment for most businesses.

TeamViewer Meeting

TeamViewer Meeting is included in that impressive list of collaboration features.

Formerly known as Blizz, TeamViewer comes standard with 4K screen sharing capabilities.

The software also comes with a variety of on-screen drawing and file sharing features for meetings, making it easy to deliver informative presentations and share documents.

If your team calls tend to focus on sharing ideas and content, TeamViewer might be for you.

His free version of TeamViewer only allows him to host meetings with up to 5 people at a time. Therefore, most customers should consider a paid plan:

  • Meeting 50: $9.49 per host/month with meetings for up to 50 people as well as enhanced user management and call recording
  • Meeting 100: $12.99 per host/month with meetings for up to 100 people
  • Company: $19.99 per host/month with meetings for up to 300 people

All plans include on-screen drawing tools and in-meeting file sharing.

TeamViewer also offers integrations with various network and business platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Atlassian, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Amazon WorkSpaces and more.

TeamViewer Meeting offers industry-standard security through the use of RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption.

It’s a robust and secure video conferencing service that offers a truly global network experience.

Who should use it? TeamViewer’s sharing and drawing tools work well in brainstorming, teaching, and other collaborative meeting environments.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is just one part of Zoho’s extensive list of business applications.

The platform offers video conferencing for up to 3,000 people at once, depending on which package you choose

In fact, the company offers 10 different price tiers, so you can easily choose a plan that gives you just the number of attendees you need per meeting to upgrade packages in minutes.

That’s why we recommend Zoho Meeting for fast-growing teams that need a service that scales easily.

The most basic version of Zoho is free to use, but has limited functionality.

These 60 minute meetings can accommodate his 100 people including the organizer.

As for the paid plans, pricing is based on the number of participants you want to host and features are expanded.

Meeting services are priced as follows:

  • Meeting for 10 participants: $3 per host/month
  • Meeting for 25 participants: $5 per host/month
  • Meeting for 50 participants: $8 per host/month
  • Meeting for 100 participants: $10 per host/month

One of the things I really like about Zoho Meeting is that the features behind the premium plan are not locked.

Each paid version of the service includes email scheduling, meeting recording, dial-in numbers, and more.

Who should use it? Zoho Meeting doesn’t allow many people to join the call at once unless you want to buy the most expensive plan.

However, if you only do small meetings, the software scales easily and offers affordable plans for fast-growing businesses.

Cyberlink U Meeting

It offers competitive pricing and many of the standard features of competing systems, but nothing more.

What makes U Meeting stand out, though, is that all paid versions of the service come with the company’s PerfectCam, a “virtual makeup” add-on that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your appearance. You can also apply eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, et cetera to your face.

This is a unique and impressive feature for those who want to give their best in meetings.

The free basic plan allows only one meeting with up to 25 participants for up to 30 minutes.

Paid plans offer higher storage and access to the PerfectCam plugin:

  • Pro 50: $9.99 per host/month
  • Pro 100: $14.99 per host/month
  • Pro 200: Contact sales for a quote
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for a quote

Along with some novel image processing technology, U Meeting provides a stable video calling platform.

Enjoy HD video calling and screen sharing on both desktop and mobile.

It also includes default encryption for all call control and meetings.

The user interface looks a little plain compared to other services we’ve seen, but it’s still very clean and functional.

Who should use it? For businesses looking for a decent all-around video conferencing service with an impressive AI-based virtual makeup engine, CyberLink U Meeting proves to be a solid solution.


Zoom is a great option for hosting large video conferences.

This is because the price is per license and meetings of up to 500 participants are included in the Enterprise plan.

Alternatively, Google Meet offers a free plan for up to 100 participants for up to 60 minutes, great value for small businesses on a tight budget.

Like most types of software, the best video conferencing software offers varying levels of security.

Security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), documentation showing frequent security updates and patches, intrusion detection, user activity monitoring, and data encryption when choosing this type of software etc. asks for privacy.

If you’re using a computer, you’ll need a video monitor, a webcam (most laptops have one built-in), a microphone (some external webcams come with a mic), and external speakers is.

If you’re using a cell phone, most of what you need is already built into your phone, but earbuds help you hear things better and filter out external noises if you’re making a video call in a public place.

It could be a good option for blocking.

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