Best New Battery Technology

Among the classic technologies that currently still exist and are constantly being updated are batteries. Energy sources with advantages can be used in a variety of these tools until now have been used on tools that are not only electronic but also have been used in vehicles.

This type of battery with widespread use is the Lithium-ion battery, a type of high-quality and best battery that has no equal. Lithium-ion batteries have been used in a variety of electronic equipment and have even been used for vehicles.

Newest battery technology

Although it is still the best type of battery today, lithium-ion batteries are also said to still have weaknesses in the level of power they can produce which is only limited to 260 watt-hours per kilogram. This problem is the maximum limit of the current use of lithium ion batteries.

The good news is that not long ago a research group from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has discovered the latest technique to double the power storage capability of lithium-ion batteries by several times as much as before.

They made the statement that the latest technique in their research proved to produce very satisfactory results to increase the power capability of a lithium-ion battery. The results of this research are also claimed to be the answer to the problem of limited power storage ability per kilogram of lithium-ion battery.

The research group is also very confident that after the refinement process they are currently working on, this new model of lithium-ion batteries with up to twice the power of the previous will allow these battery users to create battery-powered vehicles with long-distance crossing capabilities.

The capacity of the previous lithium-ion battery was 260 watt-hours for each kilogram. However, if new techniques and models of this battery are applied then the power of the battery is able to penetrate 420 watt-hours of power per kilogram.

Amazingly there are no expensive materials used in this research, so the production and commercialization process of this latest lithium-ion battery model is predicted to be acceptable and affordable by all users.

Best New Battery Technology
Best New Battery Technology

Advantages of Lithium-ion

Lithium-ion is famous as the latest form of battery with widespread use to various types of electronic devices to vehicles. If you are purchasing a battery-powered electronic device, don’t hesitate if the battery you are using is a lithium-ion type.

Today this type of battery is spread in use in a variety of devices and vehicles. For example there are various types of carpentry tools, laptops, smartphones, and others.

The main reason this battery is widely used is because there are a number of advantages compared to other types of batteries, including:

  • Straight-banded Capacity and Power With Its Weight

The heavier the weight of a lithium-ion battery, the greater the power and energy capacity that can be generated from it. This opens up opportunities for its use on a wide variety of large devices in various fields.

  • Very High Energy Efficiency

To date, there is no type of battery capable of rivaling lithium-ion in terms of energy efficiency levels. In fact, recent research has further heightened the level of energy efficiency that can be produced from it.

  • Withstand High Temperatures

When used for too long, a battery will get hotter which can trigger damage to various components on the battery. However, not so with lithium ion, these batteries are very resistant to heat temperatures as high as anything.

  • Very fast recharge

Lithium ions are famous for being able to be recharged very quickly, so it doesn’t take users long to recharge their devices and vehicles.

  • The Material is Safe for Humans

Lithium ions are very highly used because they do not contain materials harmful to human health. This is one of the reasons why this type of battery is widely used for various devices.

Consideration of the impact on human health is the most important point of all the advantages of this battery, this is because there are also other battery models that have been discovered but still use a variety of materials that pose a high risk to human health.


That is a brief exposure to the best new battery technology that is currently still in the development stage so that it can be as quickly as possible marketed to the world in various battery energy needs.

The latest battery technology is actually the development and improvement of the energy power of lithium ion that has been widely used before and is not an early finding of the latest battery model.

You need to remember that any device with energy usage from the battery, then you should not hesitate to buy it if the device uses a lithium ion battery.


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